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The Rupert Ratio Unit Single Manual - Volume 1

Armed with this book even the least experienced "spanner man" has a reasonable hope of not only being able to dismantle and rebuild a BSA unit single, but of making it go better and more reliably than even BSA thought possible!  This book quite literally takes the BSA (and Triumph) unit single apart.  All the weak points and the many strengths of the Unit Single lie exposed and the remedies for problem areas are carefully explained.  Everything from tuning the carburettor to a complete engine rebuild is described in great detail with a host of illustrations to make the job easier.  There are tuning tips to enable the owner to improve the performance of his machine and complete specifications to ensure a knowledge of what was orignially fitted.  Unit Single owners everywhere wil find this book to be a goldmine of useful advice.

Anyone with an interest in rubuilding a classic British bike will learn much from these pages since there are many areas in common with all bikes of the period.  How to repair a flywheel alternator for example, or ensuring your bike never leaks oil.  The Rupert Ratio Unit Single Manual Volume 1: The Engine will also be of interest to all BSA enthusiasts since it charts the development of one of the last and most successful machines to come out of Small Heath.  Long after the factory closed unit singles were still a competitive force in trials riding and many are still used for that purpose today

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The Rupert Ratio Unit Single Manual Volume 1, £36.10


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