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"Hello. The book arrived at my post office on Friday, very carefully packaged. Thank you for speed and service, and thanks to Rupert for the kind words!" Olav Neilson-Norway

My copy (signed !) arrived safely and I'm presently trying to absorb the staggering amount of detail therein. Thank you. W Layburn (February 2018)

"These books are better than anything we had back at BSA, I've worn out several copies of Volume 1 in the workshop!" Jeff Smith speaking to Rupert at the Telford Classic Dirt Bike Show on Sunday 18th February 2018

Hi Dave

My postman arrived yesterday bearing a not insubstantial package containing two books from you, ordered just a couple of days before.  Great service.  Thanks very much.

I have to admit to hesitating before hitting the pay now button as the books appear, on the face of it, to be quite espensive.  I now know that they represent fantastic value for money and will, I'm sure, save me many times their purchase price.

I've been glued to the books ever since they arrived.  What a fantastic resourse!  Such detailed knowledge and written in an amusing and down to earth way.  They have given me a lot of confidence in dealing with any problems which might (will!) arise on my newly acquired 1971 Triumph T25SS while, at the same time, filling me with trepidation having read of all the things which might (will) go wrong with it.  It also served as a reminder of some of the issues I experienced with my 1971 BSA BS5SS when I was 17 in 1976.  If only I'd had access to your knowledge then my life would have been considerably simpler!

First job is to use your method to adjust the valve clearances and, hopefully, get rid of the annoying rattle.

Thanks very much for taking the trouble to write these books and making your experience and knowledge available to the general public.

With best regards
Brian Walter 
25th September 2020

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